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I put Barbour and Bertotti's article "Gravity and Inertia in a Machian Framework" on this website as I considered it an important secular paper that supported geocentrism. I later made a video rebutting "Cool Hard Logic's" first YouTube video of 9. This drew huge criticisms from some ardent heliocentrists in the comments below my YT video. It culminated in them stating –
“The only words that can succinctly sum up Malcolm Bowden - as evidenced by his own behaviour - are: Liar, hypocrit, projectionist, paranoid delusionist AND petulant child.”
I leave the reader to imagine how my sensitive and insecure nature reacted. I cried myself to sleep for many nights!!!
I think it was as a result of seeing the ferociously critical comments I was receiving despite my replies, a supporter sent me a link to a 2013 paper by Popov that also fully supported geocentricity. It gave exactly the same results as the Barbour and Bertotti paper!
I give it below with the important passages that show their conclusions underlined for the reader.

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