Over the years, like most people, I have been faced with a number of important questions that I have felt should be carefully examined. Having looked into them, I generally felt that it was best to summarise them by noting down the main points in a simple way for future reference - for my own benefit as much as anything else. Writing out a logical argument with evidence doth concentrate the mind wonderfully!
If, then, at any time the subject should arise in conversation or a question raised, the paper could be given for consideration by others at their leisure.
These have grown in number over time and I thought of putting them together as a book entitled "Essays for Thinking Christians". However, several of them were about True Biblical Counselling and were included in our book "Breakdowns are good for you" (BAGFY). Those used in the book are indicated in the list by enclosing the number in brackets. Those not used in the book are also listed. Anyone who would like a copy of one or more papers, please email me first -
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Most essays are DTP - 1200 wrd/pg. Some papers are typewritten - indicated by *. Criticism of all these papers is earnestly sought in order to eliminate errors. As I am putting essays NOT in BAGFY on this website, it is now doubtful if "Essays for Thinking Christians" will be published.
Those available at this stage on this website are indicated by the blue colour and by the usual underlined link. The remainder will be added over time.

1. "PRAYER AND WORSHIP OF THE FATHER AND SON - A reconsideration." A thought-provoking paper that demonstrates from the Bible that there is no warrant for either praying to Christ or worshipping Him in THIS era. Broadly, the Son consistently points to the Father as the one who is to be WORSHIPPED and that Christ is more interested in those who OBEY Him
[Just to take Matt. 7:21-29 alone - "Not everyone who SAYS to ME 'Lord, Lord' shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who DOES the will of my Father in heaven" ... - This is then followed by the parable of the house on the rock of OBEDIENCE - not of what we SAY in praise to Christ.- "Therefore, whoever hears these sayings of MINE and DOES them.." Paul always prayed to "God the Father".].
Together with a paper by H. Marshall (which shows that the early church met primarily for instruction rather than worship) a number of conclusions are derived which differ with some accepted norms in evangelical churches today. 8pg.

(2). "THE TRINITY, LOVE AND SUFFERING". The need for three persons in the Trinity; the real meaning of 'agape' love; why there has to be suffering in the world - as part of God's plan. 4pgs.

(3)7. "PRIDE - THE ROOT OF OUR PERSONAL PROBLEMS" The Bible makes no allowance for 'inborn personality problems'. We cannot avoid problems but we are responsible for handling them in a mature Christian way. Introverts, extroverts, shyness, depression and schizophrenia are all examined and shown to stem from the same basic cause. 3pgs.

(4). "HOW HEALTHY IS THE BODY OF CHRIST?". Examination shows that the unity of Christians is one of the most important emphases in the NT, even more than evangelism and worship. Yet how many churches today are truly 'harmonious'? (Shortened version appeared in "Fellowship Magazine July '87). 6pgs*.

(5). "LIVING THE FULL CHRISTIAN LIFE - WHEN MIRACLES ARE RARE!" The importance of Wisdom and the danger of receiving 'words' and 'guidance' etc. Proof that 'End Times','wonders and signs' are deceptions. Main purpose of church is to produce mature, wise and humble Christians. 8pgs.

(6). "SOME COMMENTS ON THE USE OF SECULAR PSYCHIATRY IN CHRISTIAN COUNSELLING". An examination of the dangers of using psychiatric 'models' in counselling. Senior psychiatrists have now abandoned the classification of schizophrenia. Evangelicals hold the key to dealing with life's problems in the right way. 9pgs.

7. "IS THERE A PURPOSE TO LIFE - WHAT IS IT ALL ABOUT?" A paper setting out the evangelical Christian faith, and describing the basis of events in the Bible. For giving to unsaved friends, with particular concern for those who may be attending a (liberal) church. 4pgs.

8. "THE CESSATION OF 'PROPHESIES, TONGUES AND KNOWLEDGE'". Biblical proof that these gifts ceased at the end of the Apostolic era, when the canon of Scripture had been completed. 4pgs.

9. "THE CHARISMATICS IN THE LIGHT OF THE BIBLE". A condensation in tabular form of the contrast between charismatic claims and the Scriptural evidence. 6pgs*.

10. "THE SHIP OF LIFE" An allegory likening life to a voyage of a ship that is heading for the rocks. 2pgs.

11. "CHORUSES - A RECONSIDERATION". (This is the same essay as No. 51 below) The way in which these are introduced into churches, and the subtle way in which worship is sentimentalised and profoundly affected. The lack of 'awe', the poor theology, tunes and rhymes etc.

12. "INTERCONNECTIONS OF PENTECOSTALS AND CHARISMATICS". A chart of the various influences and personalities of these branches of the evangelical church.

13. "THE HOMECALL". Poem written for a friend whose wife was dying.

14. "ON READING THE FIRST SECTION OF 'SOMEONE WHO BECKONS' by Rev. T. Dudley- Smith" Poem on the heart-call of Christ to the believer.

15. Poem on the engagement of two young Christians

17. "A CRITIQUE OF 'GOD'S STRATEGY IN HUMAN HISTORY'". An examination of Roger Forster and Paul Marston's defence of Arminianism, continuing with the way in which this doctrine affects the practice of 'making a decision' and other inadequacies of present day movements. 6pgs.

18. "TESTIMONY" The unusual spiritual pilgrimage of the author to the foot of the Cross. 4pgs. [I have decided NOT to put this on this website - too many "I"'s in it! In the unlikely event of anyone being interested in such a boring record, they can email me for a copy.]

(19). "A CRITIQUE OF PSYCHIATRY". An exposure of the total inadequacies of present day psychiatric practices and ineffectiveness as admitted by the profession itself, but unknown to the general public. 2pgs.

20. "AN EXAMINATION OF HASIDIC JUDAISM. A critique of fundamental Judaism, with reference to Avigdor Miller's book "Awake My Glory". 8 pgs*.

"21. A CRITIQUE OF MODERN LEARNING THEORY". The main fallacies underlying the theory of learning that has bedevilled our educational system. 3pgs.

22. "EVOLUTION, REVOLUTION AND CONSPIRACY". An exposure of the operation of anti-Christian world forces intent on dominating the world. The dark side of anarchic international "politics" that never appears in the mass media. NOW IN ELECTRONIC FORMAT THAT CAN BE EMAILED TO ANYONE WHO ASKS FOR A COPY.

(23) "BREAKDOWNS ARE GOOD FOR YOU". The experience of Rev. Dr. Robert J.K. Law (my co-author of "Breakdowns are good for you") who entered the Anglican ministry and found much lacking in modern psychiatric practices. He sets out the Biblical basis of his counselling practice. (Copy of the fascinating initial article that appeared in the English Churchman that sparked my interest in his work and which culminated in our book.) 1pg.

(24). SELF LOVE OR SELF FORGETFULNESS? We don't have to practice self love, we have this all the time! We need to practice self forgetfulness. 1pg.+ 'flow diagram'!

(25). "HOW SHOULD A CHRISTIAN HANDLE PERSONAL PROBLEMS?" A step-by-step consideration of the right way we should live the full mature Christian life. Flow chart for problem solving. 2pgs.

(26). "SIGNIFICANCE AND SECURITY..OR..SIN?" (Lawrence J. Crabbe or Jay Adams?) The misleading approach by Crabbe compared with Adam's view of the subject. 2pgs*.

27. "PUT ON" AND "PUT OFF". A Biblical guide to establishing and maintaining good relationships within the Christian marriage. 1pg*.

(28). "DEALING WITH PROBLEMS IN A CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP" The early groundwork needed to establish the basic attitudes before a real problem is dealt with. 1pg. (draft only).

29. "THE CHRISTIAN CROSS" Why Christians believe the traditional shape of the Cross is the correct one. 1pg.

30. "OUR FEAR OF GOD AND OUR LOVE OF GOD" How these seemingly contrasting attitudes can be reconciled - to the Glory of God. 1pg

31. "DECISION MAKING AND THE WILL OF GOD" by Gary Friesen. The review that appeared in "Reformation Today" Sept/Oct 1986. A most important book all should read. It has changed the lifestyle of many Christians. 2pgs. See also 46 below.

32. "A TRAVEL BROCHURE - A TRIP FOR ALL TIME" An anonymous allegory of the Christian's journey to a wonderful country overseas. 2pgs.

(35). "HOW TO KILL WORRY WITH A SHARP KNIFE". So often we worry when we should not and do not act when we should. The result of both these errors is unnecessary stress. If we can discern the difference between these two situations and act accordingly we will lead a much more peaceful life. 2pgs.

(36). "A REVIEW OF 'THE FINAL ANALYSIS: The making and unmaking of a psychoanalyst'" by J. Masson. The scathing indictment of a one who trained as a Freudian psychoanalyst but who came out of the system and has exposed the corruption within it. 2pg.


38. "SYMBOLISM AND THE EVANGELICAL CHRISTIAN FAITH".The way in which this practice, so widespread in other faiths and denominations, will eventually lead to serious deviation and distraction from the true faith. 2pgs.

(39) "THE FINAL CURTAIN" (Final page of "True..." A challenging allegory to the non-Christian about "The Drama of the Universe" in which we are all players -with a dramatic ending at the final curtain call. 1pg*.

40. "THE MEDICAL CONSPIRACY" An extensive review of the way in which the medical profession has been subverted by training doctors to be 'dispensers of drugs' rather than providing effective cures. The various treatments of cancer etc, that have been deliberately opposed as this threatens the huge "research" budgets if a simple cure were found. Many other 'eye-opening' revelations of the corruption of the higher levels of the medical profession, the huge drug industry and the government that few sufferers realise. This was a major 'booklet' of 50 pages + 6 pages on Hydrogen peroxide; a self treatment that has been effective for some + 2pgs on the importance of water. THIS IS NOW IN ELECTRONIC FORMAT AND CAN BE SENT TO ANYONE WHO EMAILS ME FOR A COPY.

(41) "CHRISTIAN MATURITY". What all Christians should be aiming for. A list of attributes.

42. "ANYWAY" How Christians should press on with their aims even though people and circumstances are against them.

44. "JUDGE NOT...???". Should we really not judge anybody?

(45). "SELF-ASSESSMENT QUESTIONNAIRE". A (fairly) light-hearted questionnaire for assessing one's standing as a mature Christian. Guaranteed to turn friends into enemies if cross-assessed with them!

46. "GUIDANCE AND THE WILL." An article by Prof. Nigel Cameron (in "Evangel" Spring 1992) in which this whole subject of "seeking a word from the Lord" is fully covered. The problems of potential reduction of spiritual growth and Christian maturity when this approach is adopted are discussed. Added comments by MB. 5pgs*.

47. "HAS MAN LANDED ON THE MOON?"A summary of two TV programmes - one UK ("For the Love of ... Lunar Conspiracy" - Ch.4. 12pm Monday 24 February 1997) and the other American ("Did we land on the Moon?" Ch.5. 17 June 2001 8pm) - in which the films etc. of the Apollo Moon landings can be proven to have been made on a film set. The radiation of the van Allen belts surrounding the earth are so lethal that no living organism could have gone through them, and this is why the Russians never tried to reach the moon. The Americans had committed themselves to doing this and were not prepared to "lose face" - hence the faking! An amazing revelation that is now public knowledge but people do not appreciate the implications. 3pgs.

48. "THE 1920's DISASTEROUS ATTACK OF THE COMMUNISTS UPON THE FAMILY UNIT." The chaos that ensued when the Bolsheviks made divorce easy, gave equal rights to non-registered couples as registered and gave priority to children in the family unit in their efforts to destroy the traditional family unit. They had to repeal their laws due to rampant hooliganism.

49. "PETER WAS NEVER AT ROME" The Roman Catholic Church claims that Peter founded the first church in Rome. The evidence against this claim.



52. IS THE KJV THE ONLY RELIABLE TRANSLATION?" The real truth behind this translation.






57. Post Modernism - The Fraud Exposed!