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There are three main papers for viewers on the creation/evolution debate - these are listed below.

The evidence against evolution
The "Ape-men" fallacy
Scientific support for Genesis
I also give details and reviews of my four books on creation listed here;
"Ape-men: Fact or Fallacy?"
"The Rise of the Evolution Fraud - 2nd enlarged edition - NOW AVAILABLE. See details here"
"Science vs. Evolution (2nd. enlarged edition)"
"True Science agrees with the Bible" (see below for synopsis)

There is also a synopsis of my fourth book -

"True Science agrees with the Bible"

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Dr. Duane T. Gish has kindly written a foreword to this book -
"Foreword by Dr. Duane T. Gish"

The information in "True.." has been greatly appreciated by many readers -
"Some comments about "True.."

The last appendix - 10 - deals with the Biblical and scientific evidence for geocentricity. As this is a very unpopular and controversial issue - particularly between creationists - we give a synopsis of the evidence -
"A brief summary of the Biblical and Scientific evidence supporting geocentricity"

VALUE FOR MONEY? (A slightly "tongue-in-cheek diversion!)
In the printing of True.., Breakdowns.. and now Science vs evol. I chose Times New Roman 10 point to put as much information on each page as possible, as it is the number of words that is important, NOT the number of pages. Many books these days have large expanses of "white space" which is said to "look better" but is really padding the bulk and cheating the readers. I have calculated the cost in thousands of words/ for my books and they are - "Ape"=19.3Kw/, "Fraud"=16.8, Science vs E (2nd ed.) =13.1, True Sc=37.2, Breakdowns=13.1Kw/. Checking a few other books shows they are generally well below these figures. [Tongue is now removed from cheek!]

"APE-MEN" RECONSTRUCTIONS - The four pages from the Creation Science Movement's pamphlet No. 151 are given (in modified form) to demonstrate the totally unscientific way in which these artistic imaginations are authoritatively presented as "What your ancestors looked like". Your impression will depend entirely upon which paper you bought that day! NOTE THAT THE "APE-MEN RECONSTRUCTION" PAGE IS 320 KB TO DOWNLOAD. The pictures are quite clear.
"Ape-men reconstructions"


1. EVOLUTION NOT SCIENTIFIC! When evolutionists criticise creationist, they (i) never give any scientific evidence, (ii) ridicule creationists, calling them ignorant, stupid, irrationa, not scientific, based on the myths of the Bible, etc.
In addition, almost like a mantra, they will say that evolution is based on hard scientific facts; creation is based entiely upon religious beliefs and myths.
Now the word "science" is very much a trigger word, conjuring up images of men in white coats making very accurate experiments that can be repeated in other laboratories around the world, and it is to THIS activity of science that we owe our huge progress in standards of living. Evolutionists try to creep under this label to give their theory a spurious degree of authenticity.
HOWEVER, THIS IS NOT TRUE. Evolution only occurred once AND CANNOT BE REPEATED. Similarly, creation also only occurred once. SO BOTH views can ONLY interpret what they can discover on this earth and in this universe that supports their viewpoint. Thus, neither evolution nor creation is truly scientific in the strict sense of that word - they both start from the same level playing field. Neither can do any experiments; they can only interpret what they can see.
So if evolutionists claim it should be taught in science lessons, THEN SO SHOULD CREATION. If creation should be taught as a religious belief, THEN SO SHOULD EVOLUTION.

2. THE DEAD END OF EVOLUTIONIST PHILOSOPHY. Evolutionists, who believe there is no God and that we came here by pure chance, have, without realising it, actually discredited their whole philosophy of existence!
Eventually, the whole universe will become cold, and no life will exist anywhere. This means that all human endevours - love, sacrifice, altruism, heroism, etc., - will have no ultimate meaning. It is a philosophy of despair and nihilism.
The ONLY way that life can be given any eternal meaning is that it has been created by an eternal God, who will judge human faith and behaviour with perfect justice. Although evolutionists deny the existence of God, whether they like it or not, they, and all of us, will one day all have to stand before God and give an account of our lives - some to be welcomed to live with Him for all eternity. The others.... Only this can give human life ultimate and eternal meaning.

3. YOUTUBE VIDEOS. I have made five short videos. Four are being placed there by Redsky. They have placed three there so far -
Evolution is NOT scientific - "Click here"
Demolishing the "billions of years" - "Click here"
The decrease in the speed of light - "Click here"
I have placed a short video criticising an examination of Supernova SN1987A which ridicules CDK - "Click here"

This pamphlet (APE-MEN - 151 above) is just one of many produced by the Creation Science Movement, the oldest creation movement in the world (Founded 1932 as the Evolution Protest Movement) and the largest in Britain.
Open Tuesdays to Saturday, 10am to 4pm. Contact 023292 - 735610 or 293988. Have a look at their website Creation Science Movement website or join them (8 per annum - 6 issues of pamphlets and Newsheet each year) by writing to Box 888, Portsmouth PO6 2YD, UK.
Visit the "Genesis Expo" at 17 The Hard, Portsmouth - ENTRANCE TO THE WHOLE EXHIBITION IS FREE. There are 12 dioramas with computerised action, audio commentary etc. giving evidence against evolution and for creation. See real fossilised dinosaur eggs. Come and see the 20 ft. long giant dinosaur "Boris" and hear him give his terrifying roar (children are mesmerised by it all)!!! Books, vidoes, pamphlets, real fossils, dinosaur models and much else are all on sale.
Bring the whole family or arrange for your church to have an enjoyable and challenging outing. Other attractions very close by - Nelson's flagship "Victory" and "Warrior", the first ironclad ship. By car - follow the brown signs for "Historic ships". Portsmouth Harbour railway station, bus and coach stations are immediately opposite.

A major article on this controversial subject. Although the official Japanese report generally concluded that the carcass was that of a basking shark, a careful examination of the evidence it provided shows that it could not possibly be so and was more likely to be that of a plesiosaur-like animal. (233 Kb to download - 4 colour photos of the original carcass + 7 b/w drawings.) GO TO - THE JAPANESE CARCASS - A PLESIOSAUR-LIKE MAMMAL.

The evidence from many folk tales collected from around the world which all corroberate that this event actually took place.
Joshua's Long Day
There is a large and excellent source of additional creationist evidence as well as Christian articles on Lambert Dolphin's Library which also has pages on the decrease in the speed of light.
There is also a good creation website at omniscience's website.

All the drawings in this website are for downloading and using for talks etc. An acknowledgment of the source would be appreciated. I have now added some further fascinating colour pictures with some notes that may be found useful -
(1) The main components of a cell
(2) The flagellum of a bacteria
(3) The generation of ATP by the cell's mitochondria
(4) The fertilisation of the Bucket Orchid
(5) The amazing Kinesin "walking" transporters for cell chemicals
This is an amazing clip that should be seen by all visitors to this site!

September 2006 - New article - "Histones; controllers of DNA" Histones that modify DNA results.

June 2009 - Article - "Mankind, the Universe and the Infinity of God". Also link to YouTube video on this topic. Article on Infinity of God.

April 2013 Important secular article by Barbour on Mach's Principle - supporting geocentricity! Article on Mach's Principle.
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