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Genesis chapter 1 v1: "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth". God created TIME, heaven and an empty earth.

1v5: "The evening and the morning were the first day". Emphatic repetition reinforces the fact that these were twenty four hour periods, NOT thousands or millions of years.

Water vapour canopy1v6: Dividing of the waters. Many creationists accept that a gaseous transparent water vapour canopy was placed around the earth (Fig. 1). This had the following results:

(A) Lethal cosmic rays were blocked from reaching the earth's surface.

(B) Heat from the sun would be dispersed uniformly. With a uniform temperature, there would be no high winds.

(C) No clouds or rain - watering of ground was by "streams from the earth".[2v6] This would explain the presence of coal found at South Pole and Spitzbergen.

Scientists cannot account for the amount of He3 in the atmosphere. Prof. Korff has said that it may have been "possibly generated by neutrons when it the atmosphere contained much more water vapour"!

Problems with WV Canopy are;

(A) The energy of falling would generate very great heat;

(B) Present cosmic ray level is low (but may have been much higher at Flood);

(C) To be stable and have reasonable living conditions, only 2ft of water could be held in the WV canopy. Creationists are working on these.

Gen. 1v11: Sudden creation. Numerous invertebrates appear suddenly in rock strata above Pre-Cambrian devoid of complex fossils. All species appear perfect, not half developed (Page 1, Fig. 1). They do NOT evolve into other species but only "after their kind".

1v14-19: Creation of Sun, Moon, stars, etc. No satisfactory explanation has ever been provided of how the planetary system came into existence by natural means:

(A) Each planet has the right speed for its distance from the sun to maintain a roughly circular orbit

(B) Origin of planets' and moons' angular momentum is unknown, as Sun has very little angular momentum.

(C) Planets have widely different compositions.

(D) Venus is slowly spinning in the OPPOSITE (retrograde) direction to its rotation round the sun, whilst Uranus' axis of spin is almost "horizontal".

(E) 11 of the 33 major moons circling the planets have retrograde orbits; i.e. they go round the planet in the opposite direction to the planet's orbit around the sun.


(A) Micrometeoric Dust Early measurements indicated that micro-meteoric dust is falling onto the earth at such a rate that if earth is supposedly 4,500M yrs old, then the depth of dust should be about 54 ft thick. Depth on Moon's surface gives an age in the order of only 10,000 yrs. The dust contains a percentage of Nickel, but tests show less than 10,000 years' worth of Nickel in the oceans.

Having said this, measurement of the amount is very difficult and a recent investigation indicates that it is much less than the early measurements. From this, the young age of the earth cannot be proven with this much smaller annual amount.

HOWEVER, other investigations show that the fine dust in the planetary system is subject to radial pressure from the sun's radiation (which blows it outwards), and there is a slowing down of larger particles (so that they spiral into the sun). This process should have swept the dust from the planetary system within 2.5 million years - yet it is still there, indicating that the age of the earth is less than this value.

(B) Moon This is still warm, has a magnetic field and suffers from moonquakes - all indicating a young age.

(C) Comets. They lose matter as they go round the sun, and short term comets should have disappeared in 10,000 years or so.

(D) Spiral arms of galactic nebula should have closed up in one-tenth of time of earth's age (which is supposed to be 4,500 million years).

(E) Sun's Shrinkage graph of sun's shrinkage

(i)The Sun is shrinking in the order of 0.1% per century (Fig.) which is more than enough energy to provide the source of its enormous heat. If this rate of collapse were retrodicted into the past, the sun's orbit would have been equal to the diameter of the earth's orbit.

In view of its implications, this claim of a rapid rate of collapse has been disputed by orthodox scientists, but a careful examination of their criticisms shows them to be unsatisfactory and "clutching at straws".

(ii)That the Sun's power (and that of other stars !) is NOT (all?) due to thermonuclear energy is confirmed by detection of only 1/3 expected number of neutrinos.




(F) Decrease in the earth's magnetic field.

The earth's magnetic field has been decreasing noticeably since first measured in 1835 (Fig. 3). With a half life of 1400 yrs, 10,000 yrs ago it would have had the power of a magnetic star. Therefore age of earth much less than this.

Gen.1:26: CREATION OF MAN There are no links between Man and the animals. (See "Ape-men: Fact or Fallacy?")

Gen.2:4: SECOND ACCOUNT OF CREATION This account is creation describing God's covenant with man in greater detail. It is NOT a conflicting second account of Creation by another author.

Gen.6:4: "Giants in the earth". Eighteen inch long human footprints have been found in Cretaceous solidified mud in the bed of the Paluxy River in Texas, along with normal footprints and dinosaur prints. (These normal human prints are disputed at present, but final conclusions have not yet been published)

7v11: NOAH'S FLOOD. "Fountains of deep broken and windows of heaven opened" Collapse of Water Vapour Canopy which would produce torrential rain.

Most of the Flood water came from the "fountains of the deep". We maintain that the vast majority of the strata deposited during the Flood was material dissolved in hydrothermal (supercritical) water. This poured out over the land to provide great depths of pure clays, sands etc. There would not have been enough time in the one year of the Flood to erode mountains to provide the vast volumes of clays ans sands etc. now found in the strata.


(A) Animals often found entombed in an attitude of fear - head back, mouth open, fins, wings extended etc. This indicates they were overwhelmed in a rapid inundation.

(B) Fossils sometimes found with scales and skin still visible. Fossilisation requires rapid inundation. Today, bones just disintegrate. Fossil sequence in geological strata show:

(i) INVERTEBRATES (slow moving marine animals) would perish first followed by the more mobile fishes who would be overwhelmed by the flood silt

(ii) AMPHIBIA (close to the sea) would perish next as the waters rose.

(iii) REPTILES (slow moving land animals) next to die.

(iv) MAMMALS could flee from rising water, the larger, faster ones surviving the longest.

(v) MAN would exercise most ingenuity - clinging to logs, etc. to escape the flood.

This sequence is a perfectly satisfactory explanation of the order in which the various fossils are found in the strata. It is NOT the order in which they evolved but the order in which they were inundated at the time of Noah's flood. There are many 'anomalies' in the geological sequence (e.gú many insects are identical to those existing today) which are far better explained by the creationist model than the millions of years required by evolution.

(Note; Upper layers may be Post-Flood strata. The geological strata are extremely complicated, and trying to interpret the whole sequence in a Biblical framework is extremely difficult. Creation geologists are still working on this problem.)

Gen. 9:13: "I set my bow to the clouds". The atmosphere now has clouds and raindrops and the first rainbow is now visible.


graph of decreasing age of patriarchs Up to Noah, all the patriarchs lived just under 1000 years (Fig. 4). After the flood, the ages decline on a curve to a new low level of 70 years. Collapse of the Water Vapour Canopy may have brought down radioactive material, or cosmic rays may have penetrated before present ozone layer protection formed. These rays damage genetic material in the cells of all living organisms, which results in their earlier death. (Animals subjected to low levels of radiation have shorter lives. Hospital radiologists have shorter life expectancy.) If a brother and sister marry and have children, their children are likely to have a "double dose" of the same damaged genes, and they could be malformed in some way. This is why, today, we are not allowed to marry any near relative. BUT, this would not have applied when Adam and Eve were genetically pure, and they (and any undamaged ancestors) could have fertile offspring. This is the answer to the old "chestnut" question "Where did Cain get his wife from?". Answer - he married one of his sisters.


Numerous tribes have a legend of a great flood in ancient times, and the more remote from the Middle East, the more corrupt the version. The experts claim the Genesis account of the Flood is a copy from the Babylonian Gilgamesh Epic. Really, the Gilgamesh epic is one of many corrupt pagan versions of a worldwide flood, of which the Genesis account is a true record.


(Note - "c" decay=CDK).

Evidence from several methods (See Fig.) shows light was VERY much faster in past.

Graph of CDK
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This can explain -

(A) 3 degrees Kelvin background radiation.

(B) Red Shift of Galaxies

(C) superluminal (faster than light) jet speeds

(D) rapid APPARENT ageing of rocks when measured by radioactivity - "millions of years" very greatly reduced to thousands. This factor alone would destroy the long ages given by radiometric dating and therefore CDK is ignored by secular scientists.

E) CDK affects the "transport constants" - resulting in -

(i) Lower viscosity of air, enabling 25 ft wingspan Pterodactyles to fly.

(ii) Higher rate of osmosis enabled larger animals and insects to exist - as found in the geological strata.

(iii) Faster electron and ion movement increases the speed of nerve impulses - Man may have been far more intelligent in past!

For additional material on CDK, go to Lambert Dolphin's Library. This has been visited over 10,000 times in a few months, many visitors being secular scientists.


Graph of tilt of the earth's
axis Analysis of ancient Gnomon (shadow stick) records show that earth was sharply tilted about the year 2345 BC. (Fig. 6) This may have caused Noah's Flood. Probably caused by being struck by an asteroid. The possible site of the impact may have been where the Pacific Ocean is now - hence it being surrounded by the "ring of fire" (volcanoes, earthquakes etc.).

This tilt could explain -

(A) the series of altering alignments of the stages in the building of the Temple of Karnak in Egypt, and

(B) the different datings of Stonehenge by astronomers and archaeologists.

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