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The basis of True Biblical Counselling is that there is no such thing as non-organic "mental illness", but that the person, when they have a major problem, invariably involving social relationships, has failed to face up to it and deal with it in a mature way. They have taken one or more evasive and bad decisions that are rooted in their pride, self-centredness and self-pity. This may seem harsh and judgemental, but those that we have helped to realise that their basic problem is their wrong attitude to life and that the problems are of their own making, can suddenly have their eyes opened. They can then take steps to put their lives right again.
This approach to counselling has raised much criticism, even from sound evangelical Christians, but we have seen sufficiently good results FROM THOSE THAT ARE PREPARED TO FOLLOW OUR ADVICE that I am presenting the following collection of just some of the letters of gratitude from sufferers that have been helped. I have repositioned this section at the head of the main menu of articles to try to convince sceptics that TBC DOES WORK AT A MOST PROFOUND LEVEL!!
Comments by people the book has helped.

"How I stumbled upon True Biblical Counselling" - MB Click here

Article "The cause and cure of depression" Click here

New essay on marriage - A guide to young people - what to look for in a marriage partner.


On 18 June 2005, I gave two 1 hour talks on True Biblical Counselling at St. Paul's Free Church, Bexhill. These can be viewed NOW by clicking on the following links below. The videos should start immediately on your screen.

The basis of TBC: How schizophrenia was cured with 80-100% success rates in three separate mental institutions - all adopting the same approach to "mental illness": Why schizophrenics behave as they do. etc. No medical cause found as it is a LEARNED BEHAVIOUR problem.

Bexhill Talk 1 - 52 mins.

Getting to the real root of depression: Not a medical cause, etc.: Critical comments on depression by Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones and others: Admissions by depressants that they were GLAD they went through it - they were now more peaceful, less ambitious, less self-centred, etc. The basic attitude required for living the full Christian life. Question time.

Bexhill Talk 2 - 66 mins.

These two and a further 2 hr. talk by Rev. Dr. Robert Law were put onto a DVD disc for free distribution, but this should be superceded by the videos that can now be seen on this site. An .mp3 audio version of the three talks can be downloaded from this site now.
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Sovereign Publications - (7 mins. 800Kb - BB Download= 7 secs)
Outline of some of the interesting contents of the four creation books and "Breakdowns are good for you"
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Introduction to Talk 1 - 35 secs. 69Kb BB Download=.5 secs)
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Talk 1 - True Biblical Counselling and schizophrenia - Malcolm Bowden (52 mins - 6 Mb - BB download=50 secs)
The basis of TBC: How schizophrenia was cured with 80-100% success rates in three separate mental institutions - all adopting the same approach to "mental illness": Why schizophrenics behave as they do. etc. No medical cause found as it is a LEARNED BEHAVIOUR problem.
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Introduction to Talk 2 (37 secs. 73 Kb BB download=.6 secs)
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Talk 2 - Depression and Living the Full Christian Life - Malcolm Bowden (1h 6mins. 7.6 Mb. BB download=63 secs)
Getting to the real root of depression: Not a medical cause, etc.: Critical comments on depression by Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones and others: Admissions by depressants that they were GLAD they went through it - they were now more peaceful, less ambitious, less self-centred, etc. The basic attitude required for living the full Christian life. Question time.
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Introduction to Talk 3 (28 secs. 55Kb. BB download=.5 secs)
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Talk 3 - The Myth of "Mental Illness" or "Breakdowns are good for you" - Rev. Dr. Robert J.K. Law (2h 1min. 14 Mb. BB download=2m)
Dr. Law speaks about breakdowns, and his experiences from working in psychiatric hospitals and then 30 years in the Anglican ministry where he counselled many with problems using TBC principles.
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The disc is PAL system (OK for Britain and Europe) but not America (NTSC system). Email me with request and your address.


A correspondence course on True Biblical Counselling has been set up. It is in electronic format so it can be emailed anywhere in the world. Those interested in taking this can be sent
(1) a 7,700 word introductory article outlining True Biblical Counselling and how it differs from other counselling.
(2) an outline of the course,
(3) The course details.

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Having helped several people who have benefitted from being counselled using TBC, simply from their finding this website, this service is available for those seeking help with their situations. Simply send an email to begin the correspondence.


For those interested in the subject of Biblical Counselling, this Association has been formed. THIS IS FOR ALL THOSE INTERESTED IN COUNSELLING AND AGREE WITH TBC. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A COUNSELLOR - JUST INTERESTED IN THE SUBJECT FROM A TBC VIEWPOINT. Members email me on aspects of counselling that interest them and I issue the collected notes about every 6-8 weeks. It is not essential that members actually counsel others, only that they are interested in the subject and agree with its principles. There have been 50 issues of the ATBC on a wide range of subjects (at January 2006)-
Joining the ATBC

With the Rev. Dr. Robert J.K. Law I have co-authored a book on True Biblical Counselling entitled -


Broadly, the line taken is that those that have been classified by psychiatrists as suffering from "mental illnesses" that have no organic basis (i.e. no brain damage, drugs, senility, genetic deficiency etc.) are adopting irresponsible behaviour to avoid taking responsibility for their actions.

(1) We would contend that there is no such thing as "mental illness". The bizarre and anti-social behaviour of people is only a cover for their guilt and sin. (Don't jump to conclusions and switch off - there is plenty of evidence for those prepared to listen to the arguments we put forward in the book).

(2) Dr. Law's qualifications are almost unique.
(a) He is MEDICALLY QUALIFIED, (therefore doctors cannot say he is unaware of the medical problems in counselling);
(b) He has worked in PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITALS (therefore psychiatrists cannot say he is unaware of the psychiatric aspects in counselling);
(c) He has had great experience in COUNSELLING SOME 300 PEOPLE during his 30 years as an Evangelical and Reformed Anglican vicar. From his very considerable experience, he came to the conclusion that all "mental illnesses" were the result of self-centredness developing into self-pity. He only later read Jay Adams and fully agreed with his viewpoint.

I came to exactly the same conclusion from my reading of Jay Adams and particularly in examining his "Counsellors Casebook". In this he presents cases but gives no answers to his questions. After struggling through the first few cases it was suddenly realised that the thread through them all was the counsellees pride. After that, solving the cases was easy.

When counsellees avoid their responsibilities this can generate deep guilt which they then cover up by adopting various behaviours such as schizophrenia and depression to avoid their guilt.
In the book we examine these two major classifications and show that they are wrongly diagnosed as "illnesses" which allow patients to be sheltered from the normal stresses of living. Evidence is presented to show the inadequacies of present day psychiatric treatments and psychotherapeutic counselling and to show that schizophrenia can be cured simply by training patients to take increasing responsibility for their actions without drugs. In one case a complete ward of schizophrenics was fully returned to the community with very few relapsing. Prisoners have similarly been returned to society by this method. All such successful results have been completely ignored in this country. The church should return to counselling its members using True Biblical Counselling (TBC) and not commit them to secular treatments. This book is essential reading for all who are interested in counselling as it presents a completely different viewpoint to that of orthodox counselling and most Christian counselling. This applies even to many of those claiming to be "Biblical Counsellors" for they unwarrantably use secular psychiatric theories that are founded upon man-made, godless philosophies that are basically anti-Christian.

DETAILS OF BOOK - click here to see -

details, picture of front and rear covers, how to purchase the book

THE BOBGANS - A REPLY TO THEIR 3 CRITICAL ARTICLES In January 2009 the Bobgans, an American couple who criticise the the secular psychological/psychiatric professions (and many Christian counsellors!) put on their website a scathing criticism of our book "Breakdowns are good for you." It was followed by a second paper in March - and a third appeared in October! Read their articles and my replies - The Bobgan's articles and my replies.

It has been reviewed by "Our Inheritance" (The magazine of Protestants Today), "Banner of Truth" and "The English Churchman". They are given here together with a letter from a counsellor who testifies to the great effectiveness of TB Counselling - 8 commitments to Christ out of 10 unemployed successfully counselled within three months. Also a letter from a sufferer of manic-depression for 25 years after he had read our book. Two critical reveiws are added at the end!
reviews of book>

One comment often received is that there must be some "mental illnesses" that are non-organic. This article should clarify what we mean by "non-organic 'mental illnesses'"
Clarification about "non-organic 'mental illnesses'"

A parable about the "mental illness" prison and the effort to release the prisoner thwarted by the "professionals" 12:33 28/10/2009 The self-imposed prison of "mental illness"

Recent research (April 2003) indicates that there is a link between a certain gene and susceptability to depression. This will doubtless be used to claim that people with this gene therefore cannot help their depression! Examination of the paper shows contradictory evidence is not referred to and the gene only "influences" any tendency to depression.
Genes linked to depression? a critical examination

A fairly critical review appeared in "Triple Helix" (Summer 2000) - the journal of the Christian Medical Fellowship. My reply letter was not published, but as their review appears on their website, I thought readers might like to read the main extract of their review and my reply letter -
Reply to the Christian Medical Fellowship review

Based upon his extensive counselling experience, Dr. Law has drawn up a fascinating chart in which he has linked all the various psychiatric classifications, showing how they ALL stem from self-centredness and irresponsible behaviour. This is a fascinating chart that should be downloaded by all interested in counselling. (160 Kb to download three versions of the chart) -
"Dr. Law's chart showing mental illnesses are rooted in self-centredness"

My first contact with Dr. Law was seeing only the title of an article he had written called "Breakdowns are Good for you". Once obtained, this proved to be one of the most brilliant articles I had ever read in any subject. I give it here -
"Essay - "Breakdowns are good for you" by Rev. Dr. R.J.K.Law MB. BS. (11Kb)"

I give a list of Bible references under headings and fully written out that can be used for counselling
"List of Bible references"

Two examples of how counsellees who had been labelled as "schizophrenic" revealed they had fooled the psychiatrists, social workers etc.
How two counsellees labelled as schizophrenics fooled the psychiatrists

Since the book was published, we have three small additions on
- "deliverance from demons", "overcoming fears and phobias" and a review of "Manufacturing Victims"

For those engaged in counselling, two important suggestions on note taking and the length of the interview are given.
Counselling sessions - two important suggestions

A 2,500 word summary of a series of talks given by a Professor of Psychiatry who became a Christian AFTER he qualified. He advised Christians NOT to go into psychiatry - and many similar "insider" observations critical of his profession.
"A Professor of Psychiatry's critical talks on his profession."

As an indication of the line taken, I have put two of my essays on Biblical counselling below -
"Essay - "Pride - the root of all our personal problems" (18Kb)"
"Essay - "A Critique of Psychiatry" (16Kb)"

A cure for SCHIZOPHRENIA! I received several requests for more information on this in response to a letter I had in the Creation Ex Nihilo Technical Journal (v18 n1 2004). This is a summary of the evidence I send out to them.
"A cure for schizophrenia!"

DEPRESSION is increasing in our highly pressurised society. I give a full summary of our approach to this growing problem - what the real cause is and how to deal with it. The cause and cure of depression

It is often claimed that this placing of the guilt upon the patient is "heartless", "confrontational" and "judgemental". We deal with these criticism fully in the book.
We insist that the True Biblical Counselling approach of Dr. Law and the Nouthetic Counselling of Jay Adams and others are the only means by which a PERMANENT and BIBLICAL solution can ever be found. Those who accept that they have behaved in an irresponsible manner can be fully cured when they realise this; by comparison, the success rate of full cures by the psychiatric profession is abysmal. It all depends upon how the person reacts to the analysis given. Those who fully accept it are always eventually cured - but we recognise that it is tough retraining yourself to take responsibility for your actions when you have been deliberately avoided it for much of your life. Those who reject it are condemned to the same hopeless regime of drugs and treatments that they have undergone for years.

With many being cured by True Biblical Counselling (Reality Therapy is the secular version - but the present nearest is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)), those who use only the orthodox drugs, virtual incarceration etc., and ignore this proven means of returning their patients to normal society surely have much to answer for. One reason for its rejection is that psychiatrists abhor the words "guilt" and "sin" which are rejected out of hand as "religious concepts". They then continue to provide the counselee with an unending stream of excuses for their bad behaviour.

"PSYCHOLOGY DEBUNKED"!! There is an American couple, Ryan and Lisa Bazler, who have the same approach to Christian counselling as we have. Lisa studied psychology and counselled and marriage counselled for several years. When she became a Christian, she gave it up and now strongly opposes the profession she once worked for. Their website is The Bazler's website.