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Two examples of how those classified as "schizophrenics" fool the psychiatrists and social workers.

The following are incidents in two separate counselling meetings during which each counsellee admitted that they were fooling the system by acting in the way that the psychiatrists expected them to behave when they applied the label "schizophrenic" to them. They sheltered behind this label and used it to excuse their anti-social behaviour.

Example 1 - The boaster

"One counsellor in Wales had a group session with some young people. One of them began boasting in front of the others of the fact that he had been classified as "paranoid schizophrenic".
"I asked him how he would feel if I said that I didn't believe there was such a thing as Schizophrenia and all of the other labels attached to it. His reaction, which brought laughter from the group, was that he said, "Oh yes, I know it is a load of old b*******! I think it is the biggest load of s*** ever!.... Only recently, my Health Worker asked me if I had used violence against anyone recently, and I replied that I had - I hit someone in the face for looking at me, sort of staring at me."
I confirmed that he said that Schizophrenia doesn't exist. Again he agreed. He also told me that he 'gets away' with his rebellious behaviour and hides behind the labels given to him. "I know there is nothing wrong with me - but sometimes I get very angry and just flip," he replied.
"What happens when you 'flip'?" (not realising that he would be analysing himself - and this is not in a counselling session - this is him 'performing' in front of the whole group - even after I had suggested that we talk later and privately). "Oh, I didn't think I could do it - the next thing I knew was that I had smashed the blokes face!" (group laughs)
I responded, "So you saw someone 'staring at you' - or didn't like the way they looked at you - so you wanted to take control - by wiping the look from his face and putting a look of shock - something that you had 'created' there instead - so you could control him?"
He replied that he did. He also 'liked' the fact that he had shocked the bloke. I then pointed out to him that he had to plan to hit him. And by planning to hit him, he was working against his conscience. This created anxiety that he had to fight against as he started working against his 'dare.' (The clue is in his saying that he didn't think he could do it - conscious and self-control has been demoted to rules to break and dares to break them in him.) He agreed. I asked him who it was that he was so angry with (remembering the Dr. Law chart). He said that it was his dad who used to beat him for no reason and had left him psychologically abused.
I offered him a counselling session to deal with it, but he didn't want it. He said that it was up to himself to do what he should do. He then told me that he was sick of the violence, sick of the Doctors, and had had enough of his Health Workers. I asked him if he was going to get them for it. He said that he wants to get on with his life, and be a footballer or someone important.

Example 2 - The bully

Joe was referred to a TBC counsellor by "concerned colleagues - and they were frightened of him. Joe is classed as a 'Paranoid Angry Schizophrenic' (?) by some health professionals. Some others class him as 'Acute Mental Illness' (?)"
He tried to convince me that he had some sort of psychic hold on the world. I laughed, so he said he could prove it. He thought of doing a soap opera of East Enders, and only a week later it appeared on the TV. I laughed at the idea and showed him how ridiculous it was.
Joe circled 'Violent Anger' on the Dr Law chart and also 'Self-Protective'. Working with Joe, I told him that I was glad that he had missed out 'Schizophrenia (in-between the two points he circled) because I didn't believe he was Schizophrenic either.
I asked Joe who he was angry with . He told me that he was beaten by one of his neighbours as a child (Joe was 7 years old) for rough play with his neighbour's son (3 years old). Joe cried to his dad who said that it was his own fault and did nothing about it. Joe claims that he went to the police and they did nothing either.
I told Joe that he was blaming everyone male he meets on the three men that let him down - the policeman, his own dad, and his neighbour. As a result he had lived a sinful rebellious life and had to take responsibility. Joe had to stop beating people up.
Having shown Joe his situation, he chose the Christian ship. Joe also said that he knew he wasn't really Schizophrenic. He was bored with his current lifestyle. He knows and said that he is normal really. I told him that I know he is. He smiled, and agreed to take responsibility for his life, get on with it, and look for a job.
Joe, labelled by society as a so and so knows he is normal really. The current system is ridiculous, a farce, and very expensive. It has got to change."

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