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This site deals with (1) counselling by the Bible alone, (2) evidence for creation (3) the charismatic church and (4) general essays.

Welcome to Malcolm Bowden's website

The counselling is True Biblical Counselling (TBC), i.e. using the Bible alone as this gives full guidance on living the full Christian life - and helpful for the non-Christian also. Details of the co-authored book Breakdowns are Good for you about True Biblical Counselling are given. Counselling should be returned to the churches and a course in True Biblical Counselling is now available. It can be used by ministers and church members alike. The approach is easy to understand by mature Christians wanting to help others who have failed to run their lives in accordance with the Bible.
Those interested in taking a correspondence course in True Bibical Counselling can apply via email for the free 16 page booklet True Biblical Counselling; An introduction for Christians and an outline of the course with it.
Those interested in joining the Association of True Biblical Counselling can apply through this website. This is a simple email forum for those interested in TBC.


The creation pages cover a very wide range of topics, including many that are not dealt with on other creation websites. Details of this author's four books on creation are given. Geocentricity (the earth is at the centre of the universe) is very controversial, but the biblical and scientific evidence is set out for the reader's consideration. Other subjects are; Joshua's Long Day, The Japanese plesiosaur-type carcass, a video clip of the amazing kinesin walking chemicals in every cell and much more.


The errors of the charismatic movement are examined and a heart cry from an ex-charismatic is given.


There are a number of other essays by this author covering a wide range of topics.


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This site is for True Biblical Counselling, Creation evidence, Charismatic errors and Christian Essays.